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Article and interview by Matt Nijland.

Main photo credit: Schutte.

14 August 2020.

A passionate guitarist who can do it all!

Timothy James Lotter

Master on the Stratocaster: Tim jamming on a 2005 50s reissue Mexican sunburst Fender Strat at The Color Blew “Light Switch” album launch at Rumours Lounge. Photo credits: Schutte.

Agile Pendulum Pro 8

Tim’s Agile Pendulum Pro 8 string guitar that he plays live with Human Nebula.

Let’s talk gear

Tim’s bands have both been super busy with new musical releases! The Color Blew are coincidentally dropping a special radio edit version of their newest single “Dance Dance Dance” at the time of this article’s publication – the song is also available for streaming on all major music platforms. Watch the awesome lyric video for it which is premiering at 7pm today (14th of August) on their YouTube channel at the video below:

Human Nebula released an interesting new single lately too – of all things, a prog deathcore spin on Justin Bieber’s infamous hit “Baby”! You might initally wonder, “But how would that work???”, but it actually works surprisingly well – and personally, anything beats the prepubescent Biebs. Have a listen to it on YouTube below – also available for streaming on all major music platforms:

Check out Human Nebula’s social media pages at the link below:

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