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Article and interview by Matt Nijland.

Main photo credit: Jacques Viljoen.

1 August 2020.

Self-written, self-recorded and self-driven


“Eye”: ADV’s music reflects his soul as much as it makes you look into your own. Photo credits: Jacques Viljoen.

However, he seems to be thriving and in his absolute element when writing and recording on his own – which makes his music even more incredible considering that he has written, recorded, produced, sang and played every instrument on every single song he has released to date. And not only has he written a collection of seriously awesome, well-crafted and meaningful songs; the production quality of his music is super clear, expansive and sounds as huge as the 80s rock albums he grew up listening to. It’s even more impressive considering that he has recorded everything in his own room with his own gear and basically no sound proofing! Before I knew that little fact, I assumed he had recorded in a professional studio with a professional engineer; turns out he IS the professional who makes whatever he has available to him work to his advantage. Go stream his music at the links further down the page to hear what I mean!

Enigmatic EP

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“Enigmatic”: a reflection on life and emotions through riffs and grooves

“So It Seems” is filled with slick classic rock riffs and grooves that make you feel like you’re suiting up for a dangerous top-secret mission and slipping on your best shades as you slo-mo walk towards the Batmobile (**cringy fanboy moment, over**). The glam rock-style drum groove reminiscent of “Uprising” by Muse that drives the song backs the incredibly catchy guitar riffs and gets to a very anthemic chorus of “So it goes in circles and you’re spinning again…”. The circular feeling of the song will certainly make you want to play it again and again!

“1000 Keys” is definitely my favourite track for the awesome guitar sounds scattered throughout the track! Starting the song off deceptively slow with an arpeggiated guitar part with a wacky tremolo effect, the song suddenly picks up the pace and breaks into a heavy distorted three-chord riff that snaps you back into the energetic feeling that all the songs have been carrying throughout the EP. My favourite part is definitely when the song breaks down about halfway through back into the opening riff but with some intense feedback and the drums giving it more ferociousness before finally breaking into a “solo” section with string bends and overlays of droning feedback that feel like a release of pent up frustrations and anguish.

But don’t get me wrong, ADV’s music makes you feel anything but downbeat! The rawness of his music while keeping a very high and solid production quality strikes the perfect balance of an artist who wants to convey authentic emotions while showing that his sound engineering skills and musical visions are top class! I personally can’t believe he’s not more known on the local scene than he currently is – I feel he deserves to be hailed as one of the most talented underground truly solo artists on the SA alternative scene today! If you haven’t listened to ADV’s songs yet, do yourself a huge favour and go stream his stuff on any streaming platform you wish – you’ll thank me later!

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