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Article and interview by Matt Nijland.
Main photo credit:
Breniann Labuschagne.

22 May 2020.

The SA band that let us try some, and kept us coming back for more…

Your friendly neighbourhood weed dealers: (L-R) Marty Barrios (lead vocals), Richard Staub (drums), Etienne Hachler (bass), Gianluca “Zam Boney” Tadiello (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Ben Van Wyk (rhythm guitar and backing vocals). Photo credit: Weed Dealer UGC.

Ben jamming his prized Gibson SG at The Grind Bar.
Photo credit:
Breniann Labuschagne.

“Trim the fat”: Weed Dealer songwriting 101

Let’s talk about gear

Zam and Ben like to keep things simple for the Weed Dealer sound. Ben usually plays his Gibson SG both live and in the studio. During the recording of “The Chain” EP, he played the SG and a Fender Strat through a Marshall JCM-2000 through an Orange speaker closed back cabinet and Zam’s Fender Princeton amp with no pedals. Zam used his Gretch Anniversary on “Common Taste” and his trusty modded Mexican Fender Telecaster on all the other tracks. As a true Boss man, Zam also makes use of a vintage Boss CE-2 analog chorus pedal, a vintage Boss DM-2 analog delay pedal, and a Boss JB-2 Angry Driver for his overdrive tones.

The guys also share anecdotes of how they acquired their favourite guitars, share some useful gear tips and touring advice and talk about their live tones – you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to find out more!

Zam jamming his favourite Mexican Fender Telecaster at The Grind Bar.
Photo credit:
Breniann Labuschagne.


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“Finest Quality / Slow Delivery”: A brand new split-EP with The Many Grams from Italy!

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