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Article and interview by Lannon Harms.
Main photo credit: Laura McCullagh
9 May 2020.

From extremely humble beginnings to a supportive fan base that literally keeps these artists alive

The Medicine Dolls Greg Bex Kai

The Medicine Dolls: (L-R) Kai (drums), Greg (vocals, guitar, keys), Bex (bass). Photo credit: Facebook UGC

What I enjoyed most about this interview was how humble and down-to-earth Greg and Bex are. So easy to talk to, no agenda, no egos getting in the way of what ended up being such a fun and real conversation. I felt a bit intimidated about chatting to them at first. Most likely because I am a big fan and, well, their style is so damn bold! What with Greg’s crazy hair and Bex performing in her lingerie – they’re just plain badass!

The Medicine Dolls jamming at Aces’n’Spades, Cape Town.
Photo credit: Laura McCullagh

Toughened by hard times, it seems nothing can get these musos down

Explosive riffs and hard hitting lyrics

Greg has been a musician for more than a decade and over this time, he has managed to master the art of crafting songs that are packed with interesting chord progressions, riffs and catchy melodies whilst forming a sound that is uniquely his. Undoubtedly a recipe that can churn out hit songs, but all of The Medicine Dolls’ tracks are very rebellious. Greg explains how fond they are of each and every song on their album that’s about to be launched. He stops himself from calling them “hit songs”, explaining that they’re certainly not radio-friendly. But who’s to say what is radio-friendly these days?

Medicine Dolls Interview

Greg & Bex posing.
Photo credit: Facebook UGC

In my opinion, a song like “Vicious Little Sister” is crafted to perfection, and I was made to understand this even more when Greg explained the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. In a nutshell, the song is a slap in the face to the patriarchal status quo of our broken system. In his words, it’s a song that’s saying “don’t fuck with women”. The line, “She’s my vicious little sister, she picked your pockets while you kissed her”, speaks to men who assume that women are easily taken advantage of. Heed the warning that she might just have one over you while you weren’t paying attention. The woman, the vicious little sister, is the rebel and the hero in this song – exactly the way Greg, a self-proclaimed feminist, wants it to come across.

The way they explained their songwriting process is just too comical – you’ll have to listen to the podcast episode to get the full scoop on that, there’s no way I can translate that into writing!

Greg Allan Medicine Dolls

Greg playing his Epiphone Casino.
Photo credit: Facebook UGC

Lots of dirty reverb, overdrive and an Epiphone Casino

Lannon Harms Single Street Park
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