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Article and interview by Lannon Harms.
27 April 2020.

Growing up skating and surfing in Amanzimtoti

Getting to share the stage with their childhood heroes

South Wolves EP Cover Art

Check out their EP on Spotify and all other digital streaming platforms, called: Nothing Good Happening at 2AM.

The band’s songwriting style and method

The band admits that when they write songs together, they definitely produce the best songs. Eric, the lead vocalist and guitarist, generally brought very structured songs to the table. However, more recently they’ve all been piecing their songs together with each member bringing something to the mix. Their EP entitled “Nothing good happening at 2AM” speaks about their childhood. They’d always be on the streets, skateboarding and causing havoc late at night while everyone else was asleep, but even they will admit that you can only skateboard and surf so much until that’s not enough anymore.

Some cool artwork for the recent release of the song Ambivalent’s video. Watch the video here on the right. Design credit: @pavement_special

So, the feeling that they wanted to escape the small town they grew up in to look for bigger adventures and opportunities started growing in them more and more. What’s great about their sound and style is that they can sing about heavy emotions, but in an upbeat, positive manner. In their own words, they don’t want to be just another band singing sad songs the whole time. They want to be able to get their fans to join them in looking at the bright side of all the issues we as human beings go through from time to time. Check out the music video for their song “Ambivalent” here:

The band’s sound and gear preferences

Eric jams a Fender Telecaster through a Tube Screamer with a DD-20 delay pedal. He mixes that with some modulation and a Joyo Space Verb reverb pedal. He likes to make the guitar sound big to fill the gaps of the band only being a 3-piece, and we here at SA Guitarist can attest to that working very well! Eric likes to keep things simple, similar to the bands that inspired him growing up, namely Foals and Death Cab For Cutie. Ricky jams an Ibanez 4 string bass guitar through a Big Muff pedal to get a bit of fuzz and a really nice, big, open sound!

South Wolves Bass Player Ricky

Ricky grabbing a bite to eat.

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