15 April 2020.

It started out as an idea discussed by two friends over a cup of coffee

The man behind the design

Mountain Audio pedalboards and bags

Small and Medium Boards. Bags Included.

Mountain Audio Pedalboards

Medium pedalboard (left), Small pedalboard (right)

Products & Prices

Small Pedalboard (Bag Included):

445 x 205 x 75mm. Selling for R1 800

Medium Pedalboard (Bag Included):

630 x 300 x 85mm. Selling for R2 500

Contact Details

Mobile & Whatsapp: 0837072077

Email: info@mountainaudiosa.co.za

Lannon Harms Single Street Park
About the Author: Lannon Harms

Lannon founded SA Guitarist in 2011. He’s been playing guitar and starting bands since two decades ago. He’s always been passionate about the South African music scene and started SA Guitarist to help promote the talented guitarists and musicians we have in SA. He’s currently the vocalist and guitarist for his latest band, Single Street Park. Follow Lannon on Instagram: @lannonharms